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"Tget" is a startup in the "ticketing industry," offering a convenient and innovative service that provides customers with tickets to various events in Israel. It offers an easy and fast way to book tickets for concerts, sporting events, theater performances, festivals, and many other entertainment options.


Ofer Monar - ux coordinator


Create a product that offers event search services to the general public, aggregating all ongoing events with available tickets in one place. The site caters to a diverse range of events and audience groups, facilitating event discovery and ticket booking.


The idea is to consolidate all events happening in Israel under one platform and enable users to easily and efficiently discover events and book tickets with minimal effort. In this context, any event requiring a ticket falls within the website's scope and is covered by its services.


To comprehend trends in the "ticketing industry" and assess the situation for Israeli audience, I conducted research. Additionally, I aimed to identify the needs and frustrations of our target users, seeking improved ways to provide solutions.

Interview findings

Survey respondents detailed the demographics of the target audience. Approximately 90% of them constitute the target users who search for tickets at least twice a month. The gender ratio is nearly equal, distributed evenly across various regions of Israel, and spans different age groups.

During the interview stage, I engaged with 5 individuals from diverse age groups to understand the challenges users face on similar websites. Reflecting on the gathered data allowed me to clearly identify the main obstacles and user needs.

Key findings of the study include:

7 questions    123 respondents     5 interviews

Main obstacles and sources of discomfort:

The primary challenges users encountered on other sites include:

  1. Inconvenient Online Ticket Booking Service. Difficulty in using the online ticket booking service.

  2. Finding the Event. Challenges in locating the desired events.

  3. Searching for Event Locations. Difficulty in finding the venue where the event takes place.

  4. Communication Methods. Issues related to means of communication on the platform.

  5. Ordering and Payment. Complications in the process of ordering and paying for tickets.

  6. Seat Selection. Challenges in selecting preferred seating.

  7. Feedback on Events. Limited or inconvenient options for providing feedback about attended events.

  8. Event Reminders. Lack of efficient reminders for upcoming events.

  9. Personalized Notifications. Absence of notifications tailored to the user's interests (personalization).

Now I could summarize several user needs like:

  1. Search and Price Comparison. Ability to search for events and compare prices.

  2. Filtering and Sorting. Options to filter and sort events based on various criteria.

  3. Seat Selection. Capability to choose specific seats, for instance, in venues like cinemas.

  4. Booking and Payment. Facility to order and pay for tickets, with the option to place advance orders and receive timely reminders.

  5. Map Accessibility. Ability to print or save event maps in digital format.

  6. Social Sharing. Feature for users to easily share events with others.

  7. User Reviews. Inclusion of user reviews for events.

  8. Magazine Synchronization. Option for synchronization with relevant magazines.

  9. Personalization. Customized notifications informing users about upcoming events matching their interests.

  10. Subscription / Digital Wallet. Option for a subscription service or integration with a digital wallet.


  • Emphasis on a fast and user-friendly interface, minimizing the number of steps.



Information Architecture

 Information Architecture

User Flow 

User Flow


I moved on to the ideation phase and began sketching some of the ideas I had in my head. Initially, it's all about brainstorming, so I jot down a mix of words and draw a flow using small squares. This helps me spill out my thoughts and gain a better understanding of what I'm looking for. From there, I identify parallels and aspects that fit the most, and then I start sketching actual screens.

For instance, in my home page sketch, there was a dilemma - whether to arrange the menu vertically on the left or horizontally at the top. I'll elaborate on my choice below.


The menu vertically at the left


The menu horizontally at the top



Homepage: Introduction to the site and its features. Initially, users are presented with the "best" offers by default.


Most frequently, users require a "free search," but occasionally, they browse through options by category. Therefore, I provided an example of what the page might look like when a user clicks on one of the options.


*Each category has its own list of offers, and research combined with AI assists in suggesting lists for these categories.

Short search prototype:

search results
search results

Search by sorting

Search by map


Product Page: Its "puzzle" database will vary depending on the user's specific search. For instance, when searching for a movie or theater, the user is required to select a seat. The price often changes based on the chosen seat, and until the user makes a selection, they won't know the final ticket amount. On the other hand, when searching for park entry, the user will be able to immediately determine the final amount.

The design

The primary concept behind Tget is to offer a straightforward and efficient ticket booking process. Consequently, the logo is designed in the shape of a ticket. The capital font used in the logo imparts a sense of lightness, emphasizing simplicity in the application.


The color palette was also selected in alignment with the association's values, resembling a rainbow and evoking a sense of joy. This choice is symbolic, reflecting the idea that users have landed on a platform where they can purchase tickets for various forms of entertainment.








Login buttons:


UI Design

UI home page

Homepage: Introduction to the site and its features. Initially, users are presented with the "best" offers by default.

search with place

Search by map

tget product

Product page

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