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Blockstock, Reuben Ilyich - CEO

Blockstock is a startup offering financial investment opportunities to build and diversify your portfolio

One of the design options that did not come to fruition due to time limits

The challenge

Create a brand design for a startup specializing in investments with the primary objective of attracting a younger clientele to the world of investing by demonstrating its simplicity and accessibility.

The concept

The vibrant and youthful design incorporates elements that convey a sense of trust, innovation, and accessibility—key factors critical for attracting the target audience. The overall visual style resonates with the dynamic and tech-savvy nature of the young demographic, aiming to instill both confidence and interest in the investment process. This design not only serves to capture attention but also communicates the approachability and modernity that the startup seeks to convey to potential young clients.

Coming soon
Thank you for interest


The Design

The Blockstock palette includes Black, Hexadecimal, Citric, and WhiteSmoke. This palette is essential because these colors are distinctive for our target audience. The vibrant colors are customer-oriented, appealing to millennials and Gen Z, embodying creativity, innovation, delight, calls to action, and, most importantly, moments of interaction between a user and the brand.

logo for BlockStock
Logo for BlockStock
colors for BlockStock
deeb back 2.png


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